Decentralized VPN – How To Setup Mysterium VPN

Mysterium VPN – Protect Your Privacy – No Logs
Nodes All Over The World
The MysteriumVPN is Run by people, for people
No Subscriptions – No Personal Information
Inexpensive Micropayments – Pay For What You Use

MysteriumVPN is super cheap. Example for about $2 you can stream 73hrs Video, 816hrs Music, 995hrs Web Browsing or about 676GiB data downloaded.

This howto is focused on a Mac but should be adaptable to your operating system.

Download MysteriumVPN

Install MysteriumVPN

Open the DMG download and drag the Mysterium VPN app to the Applications folder to install.
Open the application -> LaunchPad -> MysteriumVPN
MysteriumVPN would like to install a helper utility.
Please enter your password to continue.

Get Started
Check “I agree to all Terms of Service” box
Create New Wallet
Enter password and confirm password (Make sure you write down your password somewhere, you cannot recover it)

Backup Wallet

Fund MysteriumVPN Wallet

Top Up Now (We do not recommend you use Paypal or Credit Card to Top Up as it can be directly traced back to you.
Select “Crypto” to use another supported crypto like BTC, BCH, DAI, ETH, LTC, USDT, DOGE
Select “Myst” if you already have Mysterium
And then “Next”
Click “Polygon (MATIC)” and then “Next”

Copy the Mysterium address to your clipboard and then Open Metamask and send some MYST to your MysteriumVPN wallet, you can send as little as 1 MYST and the VPN will work for a quite while.

Once the MYST has been received by the MysteriumVPN wallet you will see the waiting for payment change to “Payment successful”.

Now you want to select a country to connect to, there are currently over 7,700 end points.
Click “Quick Connect”

You can go to a website like and check that the Internet now sees you in another location.

If you connect to a node you really like you can click “Manual Connection” at the top and specifically select a node to connect to. You can also connect by price this way, different countries have different pricing.

Where To Buy Mysterium

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